2m DXing


Brian Evans:
This may be a stupid question but I am a new ham so I will ask it anyway.  Can 2m be used to do DX work? If so how?

Brian, KC9DUQ

Peter Trumpickas:
No 2m DXing just won't work, it is usually only line of sight, 90 miles or so.Somtimes you get freaky conditions and you go farther. 6m is better, and if you have side band, this really helps.(side band is almost mandatory if you want to get out)Sideband CB Radio with the right equipment, will get you out there world wide.

tom lish II:
There are several groups who do 2 meter side band work.  I don't know if you call it DX but EME  (bouncing a 2 meter signal off the moon ) and talking to a ham in new york on 2 m SSB EME is waha I call DX.  also fome folks wotk 2 meter ssb tropo to hawaii from calif, wa and ore.  it is possible, but you need a bit of power and a set of good antennas.  73  tom N6AJR
some sites:

  K5oe  site    http://members.aol.com/k5oe/

 another site    http://www.elite.net/~k7xq/k7xq.html

 side winders on 2         http://www.swotvhf.org/


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