2m DXing

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tom lish II:
There are several groups who do 2 meter side band work.  I don't know if you call it DX but EME  (bouncing a 2 meter signal off the moon ) and talking to a ham in new york on 2 m SSB EME is waha I call DX.  also fome folks wotk 2 meter ssb tropo to hawaii from calif, wa and ore.  it is possible, but you need a bit of power and a set of good antennas.  73  tom N6AJR
some sites:
  K5oe  site    http://members.aol.com/k5oe/

 another site    http://www.elite.net/~k7xq/k7xq.html

 side winders on 2         http://www.swotvhf.org/

also amstat  for satalite work, and the space station..

B. Wolf:
The following in just my opinion...

I don't see a problem with DXing on 2M, It can actucally be quite fun to see how far you can get.

I would suggest keeping it on simplex frequencies though.

Some people will get a beam antena, and pump 100-200 watts in, and DX repeaters, which I believe is bad practice.

Even though you may only hear one repeater come back to you, you could be bringing up several repeaters on the same frequency  if they don't use PL tones.

I've heard it, and it can be annoying when you hear someone talking over a local repeater, but they're actucally DXing a different repeater.

Of course, if the band opens up, and you can hit a repeater farther than normal, using a whip, and lower amout of power, I have no beefs about that.

Just remember, because you can't hear them, they may still hear you.

Just my 2 cents.

73 N8XRV


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