Motorola brick amplifier

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Randy Brumback:
Need information on Motorola N1274A and N1275A amplifiers. A schematic diagram or at least the rf transistors used in these models.  The 1274A is VHF and the 1275A is UHF I think. Any information on these amps is greatly appreciated. I have searched Motorola data bases with no luck. These amps were built around 1997 or 98.

Karim Abul Ela:
I have on of those motorola Amplifier
 its great one , run with 12V 10 Amp
1-5 in   10-50w Out
 very suitable to use it with HandHeld

David M. Leininger:
still need specs?


Marco A. Nunez:
I don't have a schematic for the Motorola N1274A Amp.  But I would be interested in knowing if it can be used for 2 meter (144-148) Amateur band.  The label on one selling on Ebay states 150.8 - 174.  The seller claims 136-174.

Any help is appreciated.


Jared Sherman:
I picked one of these up and could use any specs or information available. Especially, which of the power pins are pos and neg?


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