K9FD loop for low band


Dear Everybody!

I like to make the K9FD receiving antenna for low band.
My antenna now is a short dipole for 160m and monoband dipole for 80m band,not so good ,they are noisy.
My questions:
1.Can you tell me how to make K9FD? Can you send me a good description/article about this antenna? How to tune it?
2.Did you tried this antenna in bigger or smaller size? Bigger loop diameter is better?
3.I live in a downtown of Budapest, my house is a big block of flat.K9AY is not possible on my high houseroof,is it?
So I ' d like your K9FD to make.
4.Did you compared K9FD to K9AY?

Thanks:Laszlo HA5BZR

David Shaw:
Laszlo:  The original K9FD article from The Low Band Monitor has fortunately been reproduced on-line by IW5EDI (grazie, Simone!):


This is all you need to get one built.  They really work and are very simple and non-critical to assemble.

Mni 73 de David, AB0Z


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