Coax Jumper source?

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Steve Ziegler:
I am in need of numerous (aprox 20-25) short coax PL-259 Male-Male jumper cables about 16 inches long...Can anyone refer me to a source of fairly decent cables of this length? (I just don't want to solder 50 connectors!) Thanks a lot!


Universal Radio has them in RG-8X, 18" long, P/N #2578.

Steve Katz:
Just "be careful" using preassembled coax assemblies.

Their workmanship isn't any better than yours is. :D

Well, there are a few exceptions, which are places that are certified to make assemblies for the military.   Pasternak is one of those, but of course they cost more.

Chris Hays:
just replaced a cable xperts 100ft run, bad solder on the ground to shell...intermittent receive, no SWR issues...drove me nuts isolating down to that cable...replaced..working okay now...

If you do a lot of cable assembly you may want to invest in the tooling to crimp on the PL-259s.  My favorite are the DX Engineering "next generation" crimp/solder PL-259 connectors.  You solder the center pin but crimp the shield.  It makes for a very nice connection.  Soldering the center pin is easy, it's the soldering of the shield that can be a time consuming PITA.  The DX Engineering crimp/solder connector solves that problem and makes the job simple.   :)


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