Power supplies with PowerPoles

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Tom Harper:
Okay, I've been looking over some small power supplies to add to my "portable hamshack" kit, and rather liked the Alinco DM-30T ( http://www.alinco.com/Products/ps/DM-30/DM-30.pdf ).

That is, until I took a close look at the PowerPole arrangement...  There's no way you could plug in the commonly used PowerPole configuration (tongue up, red right) and have it work!!!

(I see that a different model (DM-430T) does have it right; I expect that their designers were retrained as to the proper configuration.)

John Wright:
Granted, it's not the "normal" configuration, but it can be made to work.  The nice thing about PowerPoles is that they can be arranged in any configuration desired.  In this situation, the red housing would be mounted on top of the black housing.  If I were getting that power supply, I'd definitely check the installed PowerPoles to make sure the polarity was correct ( red +. black -).

W. Lee McVey:
The two sets of power poles are linked together along one plane.  Either vertically or horizontally.  You can determine this by observing the black plastic housing that holds the two sets of power poles.  On the top or side of the housing should be a steel pin that holds the pole sets to the housing.  Use a small nail to push out the pin and release the poles.

You can then slip them apart and reorient them as you want them.  Put them back into the housing and insert the pin to hold them in place.

One good thing about Power Poles is that you can CHANGE the configuration to what you want.  Small price to pay for getting the power supply you want.

Tom Harper:
Oh, I know that I can reconfigure the PowerPoles to match whatever arrangement is needed; it's just that having to reconfigure things to accommodate the "odd man out" equipment can get tiresome rather quickly.  (Besides, many of my power connections have been assembled permanently in the "tongue up, red right" configuration via a small drop of superglue.)  Making up a custom adapter pigtail would be simple enough -  but again, it's an inconvenience.

As to rearranging the PowerPole configuration on the power supply...  Might be easy, might be extremely difficult, depending upon the internal construction & layout.

I see non-standard interconnects all too often anyway - console and smart UPS cables with common connectors (USB, DB-9, RJ-45) and proprietary wiring schemes between each end are a PITA at best.


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