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Dennis Zabawa:
Have you ever read the advertising or user manual for a product and wondered "did they really mean that or did someone just make a mistake"?  One I found that stood out to me was from the brochure for the Yaesu FT-8800R transceiver:


Included in the FT-8800 series is Yaesu's exclusive ARTS feature which provides a "hand-shake" with other ARTS-equipped stations during emergency work. If an "out-of-range" conditions exists with, for example, a low-power hand-held unit, ARTS will alert the FT-8800 series user so the hand-held's operator can be advised to move to a better location.

Isn't this the SAME operator that the radio cannot communicate with?

Add your favorite.

Mike Gilmer:
Your radio pings the other radio which pings back.
If your radio doesn't receive back a ping it's time to change your location.

I think that's how that's supposed to work.

Mike N2MG

Here is video on how it works by Vertex (Yaesu).

In addition (as described in the video) there is also ARTS II

"Vertex ARTS and ARTS II Demonstration"


Dennis Zabawa:
You are missing the point.  HOW can you inform the other operator to move to a different location if you CAN'T COMMUNICATE with them??????????????  Looking at it from the other perspective, it may not be possible for you to move to restore contact.

Mike Gilmer:
Your device is suggesting YOU move.  Obviously it cannot reliably tell the other user to move, nor can it tell if you are actually able to move.

Mike N2MG


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