eQSL in hiberation?


Jonathan Bresler:

Decided to get authenticated at eQSL.cc via postal mail.  Upon requesting the mail, I was informed that cards have been be printed since the end of July....that's five months ago (see information at end of post).  Sending an email to the admins of the site via their "contact us" link informed me that there are near 500 email awaiting responses.

Is eSQL.cc no longer active?


"Authentication Code Postcard Delivery Schedule and Information
We queued the Authentication Code Postcard on 31-Dec-2017 at 22:44 UTC. There are currently 593 cards waiting to be printed, going back to 31-Jul-2017. We estimate that your card will be printed within the next 153 days. After that, please allow another few days for the mail to arrive. If we have been very busy or on vacation, it may take an additional week."

Jonathan Bresler:
Heard back from eSQL.cc
Response time was quite reasonable
Contacted them on 31-Dec-2017 at 22:44 UTC
Received the response below on 01-Jan-2018 at 12:31 UTC

Sorry for your inconvenience.
We have printer problem and bought new printer system.Please wait for a while until we go stable.

Support Volunteer

Jonathan Bresler:
Closing the loop.

Received the authentication code in today's mail.  eQSL.cc mailed it onn January 5th.



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