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Charles Barcellona KM4WZU:
The joys of forums.
How forums operate.  Doesn't matter if you're a Ham, a Gearhead, a photographer, a musician... or a new mom.

Ask any question, and the answers all fall along the same several pathways....

1.  You're right to want to ask that question, but I don't know the answer!
2.  Wrong answer #1
3.  Your question is not related to the problem you state, what you really meant was....
4.  You have no idea of what you're doing, go back to page one and when you finally learn, you can ask a different question.
5.  Wrong answer #2
6.  I don't know what the right answer is, but I know the guy who answered you is always wrong
7.  The correct answer
8.  You're not using the terminology right, so how can anyone help you, you idiot
9.  Some almost totally unrelated commentary
10. A final appearance by the original poster, apologizing for even asking


Q.  I've got a Ford Ranger, and was wondering if anyone knew how the Goodyear Wranglers stack up to the Goodrich Radial T/A tires in the rain.

1.  Jeeze thats a great question because I was thinking about getting a used Ranger.  Hope someone has an answer
2.  On front wheel drive vehicles like yours the Kelly Radials are best
3.  Tires on the Ranger don't matter as much as weight distribution, so what you need to ask is how do I load the truck for best handling in the rain.
4.  Tires do matter, you are clueless.  Sure weight distribution matters too, but its tires man, TIRES!  Go back to driving school!
5.  As long as you keep them under-inflated by about 10psi, it really doesn't matter which tire you have.
6.  What a jerk ... the guy asks a simple question, and you always give some flippant off the wall statement.  Do you have clue?
7.  To the OP, both tires you mentioned will have great wet performance, but your handling in the rain will only be as good as your driving habits.
8.  The man isn't asking about handling and performance, he's asking about stacking.  WTF does it matter what you drive if you're only stacking the g.....m tires!
9.  The Ranger has always had tailshaft bearing seal issues, so you better check yours before all your transmission fluid ends up on the road, and your gearbox is a basket case.
10. Thanks... Hey, I got the T/A's, they were fifteen bucks cheaper per tire.  Thanks for all the help

you missed out -

"youve asked an extremely simple question, or for opinion, and hundreds of people have read it - but no one can be bothered to answer"

along the lines of - "who owns a SWR meter?"... ;)

Charles Rodgers:
WOW...Here we go again...WOW...

W.T.T.C. Strikes Again..

Quote from: KC8KTN on January 01, 2018, 07:06:41 AM

WOW...Here we go again...WOW...

W.T.T.C. Strikes Again..

Such remarkable insight and in depth analysis - have you considered running for office?

Eric Stephenson:
Isn't that the truth. It matters not the topic or the board, there is an almost predictable algorithm for how things will progress. The only thing I could add would be the self-righteous mental midgets that act as intellectual snipers, killing off common sense and logic one point at a time. Predictably, consistently, without concern for anyone else.

Despite attempts that have and will be made to belittle the premise of this thread, know it is spot on and thanks for the refreshing look at how these threads invariably play out. This is the best new years present a thread could hope for. Fantastic!


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