I wonder about morse code

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Charles Rodgers:
On  all the movies and tv shows I have watched and morse code is being received is it real...I was watching Wild Wild West tv show and morse code was sent to James West rail car was what was being sent was what tv show said it was. Hmmmmmm.Have a Blessed Day. Be Safe. God Bless All.


Eric Stephenson:
Why not learn it then you would know? That's how I fixed it when I had the same question. It's not really hard, it just requires regular practice to retain and regular use to stay on top of the game.

Most of the time it seems like jibberish and occasionally something really funny. Otherwise, it is usually what you might expect. Depends on the program.

Charles Rodgers:

Have a Blessed Day.God Bless.Be Safe

Eric Stephenson:
Quote from: KC8KTN on January 06, 2018, 08:56:27 PM


That tapping reminded me of what the original Morse operators had to work with. No 600hz tones, only clacking and timing spaces. Amazing, quite the skill.

Peter Chadwick:
And also American Morse, not the international Morse that is most used.


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