Icom T-81A recieve mod


Mark Carlson:
I have tried doing the recieve mod that I saw on www.mods.dk where you power on the rig, while holding the MULTI, and SQL keys down. All of my segments light, but I don't get the extended recieve. Am I missing something?

Dave Baldridge:
No, you're not missing anything. The newer T81As  do not expand with the keyboard mod. Icom modified the firmware to comply with FCC cellphone reception requirements. (The cell images in the 700mhz region were not -38db.) Why they chose to completely cripple the expanded RX is a bit of a mystery to me.

Bob Lombardi:

I just bought one of the new ones and discovered the same problem.

Can you still open receive by opening the radio and removing the diodes (also on the mods website)?  I'm not interested in transmitting out of band, but wouldn't mind a continuous coverage 50 to 1300 MHz receiver.  



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