How to tune a Yaesu FT-2100B


Gene Sailsbury:
I just purchased a mint Yaesu Ft-2100B and will run it with a Kenwood TS-440S.  I need help in tuning it up.
I made a cable for the TS-440S to connect to the FT-
2100B.  Any help would be great.  you can e-mail me at
Gene Sailsbury KC0IKY

(Most HF tube amps TUNE the same way...grounded grid, cathode driven, triodes.....)
I hope you don't think it rude to "recycle" answers...
Please reference the answers to a posting from yesterday... titled "Instructions for tuning of  SB-220" .... You'll find this "elmers" post just 4 questions down from yours....

There are some differences to be noted...
First, use LESS drive power from your 440, with the FL-2100B.... (The FL-2100 is a less powerful amp than the SB-220)
Second, I'm not familiar with the "labeling" of switches, nor the exact metering on the FL-2100B...
But it should be similar to the SB-220...

The procedure is VERY similar.... Use a good external
wattmeter and tune for max output, WITHOUT overdriving it!!!! (This last part is VERY important...)

You may also search here at eham for other similar questions in the past few months....
Good luck.
John,  KA4WJA

Steve Katz:
It's not an FT-2100B, it's an FL-2100B, no doubt.

Be careful with the TS440S, it needs a secondary interface to key an FL-2100B without damage.  (The FL-2100B was design to interface to Yaesu's vacuum tube transceivers like the FT-101, etc., and has high internal relay keying voltage.)

73 de Steve WB2WIK/6


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