Screwdriver antenna plans

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Dose anyone know how or where i can get some plans to make a screwdriver antenna.

So far I've had no luck at all.

Please can anyone help me.

Thank you so very much.


Pete Allen:
Hi: Worldradio used to publish a book, as best I remember by Don Johnson, W6AAQ, with fairly detailed plans for a screwdriver antennas. I don't know if they still carry it, but it's worth a try. If they don't I have seen several copies in piles of old magazines at hamfests.

  73  Pete Allen  AC5E

james b christmas:
If you dont find what you need using the above info you might write Don Johnson W6AAQ direct ,he has (or had )a 17 page manuscript available on all the info needed to build a screwdriver antenna.the cost was less than $10.

Try this site.
73, Buddy KG4MGC

Delar Messmore:
As above, and by the way, Mr. Johnson was pretty much "the guy" who pioneered this concept, at least as relating to using a "screwdriver motor" for tuning.


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