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Doug Coil:
Could someone send me the article on KD9sv Front End Saver [2] CQ Feb 97 page 32. or a more up to date idea to do the same thing.  I have to Yaesu rigs sharing the same antennas and also have long wires.  I really don't want to blow the front end in the rigs.
any help would be appreciated

Tony Martin, W4FOA:
I am not sure if you are wanting to build the Front End Saver (FES) or not.
However, KD9SV advised that the FES is available in  varying
degrees of completion.  I bought the complete system, including a very
nice metal case, complete with full instructions and labeling.  I don't
recall the cost, but unless you are a builder and like to chase parts,
buying the finished unit seems to make sense.  It works GREAT.
Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with KD9SV or Front End Saver.
I am just a very satisfied user.  Good luck.
PS: The last info I have on it is as follows:
Kit 22.95, complete board 29.95 and finished unit in cabinet 49.95
available from C&S Engineering, 9229 Goldenrod Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46835
W4FOA, Tony,
Chickamauga, GA


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