Indoor HF antenna or hidden dipoles


Pedro Castillo:
CQ CQ CQ to all hams out there in DX land, my home owners association has told me to take my 5BTV Hustler down or else.... so I am asking if anybody has an idea for an indoor type HF antenna or a hidden dipole, in advance I thank you for responding, merry x-mas and 73's to one and all.

Charles Coxey:
Go here:

Have a look in the "reviews" section of this site ( in the "HF Vertical and Wire Antennas" section.

In no particular order, check out the AEA Isoloop (discontinued), MFJ 1780 Box Fan Loop, MFJ-1782, MFJ-1786 or MFJ-1788 Magnetic Loops, MFJ 1621 (portable whip and tuner unit), B & W AP-10A or Super Antennas MP-1 etc (loaded whips with counterpoise), Bilal Isotrons (?), Cliffhanger II and QRV-Helitrix Dipole (slinky dipoles).

Most of the reviews should have a link to the manufacturers web-site for you to check out the products in more detail.

For a cheaper all-band alternative, string a single-wire loop around the ceiling edges (as big as you can make it). Feed it with ladder-line from an antenna tuner (preferably an auto-tuner (see LDG Electronics or SGC products)) with a balun between the tuner and the ladder-line (some manual tuners have a balun built-in).

Stick to QRP so you don't irradiate yourself and annoy the neighbors with RFI/TVI.

Maybe you can run an "invisible" wire dipole or loop around the eaves outside. This would be preferable to an indoor antenna. Can you put something in the attic maybe ? Load up the rain gutter (this has been done) ?

Many of us have had to operate "stealth" stations such as these and so long as your expectations are realistic, you can still have a lot of fun on HF with such limitations.

Merry Christmas es 73

Bill Peacock:
Copper tape along the eaves makes a dandy hidden dipole and it can be painted over. Leave a tab hanging down from each leg and connect with ladder line or balun and coax.

Outdoor antennas are generally going to work better!!

I agree with the other answers you've gotten...BUT maybe try a disguise!!!

If you get a couple of pieces of PVC pipe, put them over your vertical antenna, with a pulley on the top, use some non-conductive guy string, and pull up a flag!  And you now have a flag pole!!! Who's to know that there is an antenna inside!!!

Here in the U.S. there aren't many home owner's associations that would object!!!! Flying the Stars and Stripes here is almost a "Presidental Order"!!
Maybe you can show your support for Honduros, etc...
with a flag.... Then you'll have no problems!!

John,  KA4WJA


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