Power related question - Bird 4310 Meter


Paul K6PS:

Any comments on this older Bird. It seems to have a multiply switch setting . I have an Ameritron AL122. I don't have the Bird manual and getting info on this unit has been hard. Any help is welcomed. 73  K6PS

Floyd Sense:
Bird has an online library of manuals for just about everything they've made.  The 4310 manual is on this page: http://www.bird-electronic.com/absolutenm/templates/news.asp?articleid=56&zoneid=4

73, K8AC

Paul K6PS:

I saw the manual, but my model seems to be a bit unique. It has a round switch on the front that allows  "factors" to be selected. I  don't know what that is.

Mike Short:
Buy an LP-100. Problem solved, excellent meter.
50mW to 3KW Autoranging, 1.8-54 MHz with frequency counter, calibrated with NIST standards.



Michael S. Higgins:

Sorry no one has answered your question. The factor is a multiply factor for the meter. You have several scales on the Bird meter going to 25, 50 and 100 at maximum meter reading.

If you have a 25 watt slug, the times 2 scale means the slug can now be read on the 0-50 watt scale. On the 4 times factor the 25 watt slug can be read on the 0-100 watt scale.

It not a difficult problem to use the scal switch and the bird meter has been the industry standard for over 40 years. Much cheaper than buying a new peak reading watt meter.

Also if you need a peak reading watt meter you can buy a peak reading module from LNA technologies for under $100. The board install in the meter connections.


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