Wilson System 3 / System 33 Tribander


George McCouch:

I have an old Wilson System 3 tribander beam that has been up for about 20 years. It still works well but is coming down for a clean up and some hardware replacement. This antenna was known as Wilson SY-3, System-3, and I believe SY-33, or System-33.

I am in need of a manual for it as I seem to have lost mine over the years. I do not need the assembly instructions, just the critical element lengths.  Any help with this would be most appreciated.


Send an email to Pete, WA2CWA.  Pete runs one of those antennas, and I know that he has the information you need because I just helped in locate some parts to repair it.

Pete's email address is manualman@juno.com

By the way, he is known as the ManualMan, and his website is: www.manualman.com


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