Tuning on a Solarcon A99


Ed Keyes:
I have a  Solarcon a99 and I would like to know if any one has any experiance with it used with a tuner. I know it works fine on 10and 20m. Im just wondering if it will tune in 40m. 73

Donald Whiteman:
The Solarcon A99 is basically a CB antenna that has a broad enough matching system at its base to be able to tune down the 12 meter and up to part of the 10 meter amateur bands. It is basically too short in physical length to operate below 12 meters by itself so some people use it on 15-20 meters with an antenna tuner. If your antenna tuner can tune up with this antenna on 40 meters it is probably worth a try, but it will be a very inefficient antenna at that frequency. I cut off about 5 inches of the top section to make this antenna resonate on 28.297 which is where my radio club has a 10 meter propogation beacon (NS9RC/B) and it works very well for that purpose.

Steve Katz:
If you have a good _external_ (manual) antenna tuner, here's a trick that works with the A99:

Use a clip lead to strap (short circuit) the center conductor and outer conductor of the PL259 coaxial connector at the "shack" end of the feedline.  Then connect that common point (center conductor/outer conductor) to the "LONGWIRE" terminal of your antenna tuner.  This loads up the coax itself, as well as the A99, as one fairly long antenna.  If the coax is at least 35' long and most of it isn't laying around on the ground, this is a very workable solution that can provide global contacts on 40 meters.

The antenna, alone, does not work on 40m, even with a tuner.



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