FT 101ee & frequency counter


Don hauserman:
HI dose any on no where to plug Freq counter in to the FT101EE? THANKS DON KB3GQH

Pete Allen:
Hi Don: Not having an FT101, I can't say - but I can say that a two foot sense antenna on the two B&K's, the HP, and the Optronics that live in my shack will get me the "exact" frequency I'm on. All I have to do is key up for a few seconds.

  73  Pete Allen  AC5E

Creede Lambard:
There's an RCA jack in the lower left-hand corner of the back called 'RF OUT' that might be it, but I'm not sure because I don't have a frequency counter. Actually at the moment my FT-101EE is disconnected and waiting to go into the shop, so I couldn't try it if I had a frequency counter either. :)

But that seems like a reasonable place to try. Just take all proper safety precautions, etc., etc., etc.

73, Creede

I have a FT-101B, and although i am using an Yaesu YC-601 frequency counter that supplies the needed cables to connect it to the ext vfo jack on the back of the radio i have used another counter to check the operation of the YC-601.  According to the schematics of my 101B (using a length of RG-174U) i connected the shield to pin 1 & 8 (ground to freq. counter) and the center conductor to pins 6 & 7 (vfo).  Now it should be noted to anyone the might nitpick about this that the reason i stated two pin numbers for each connection is because the schematics for the YC-601 counter show connection to both pins for both connections.  But obviously you could connect the shield to either 1 or 8 and the center conductor to 6 or 7 as they are wired to be connected together inside the 101 anyway.  Also i use external transverters using the external vfo jack on the back of the 101 and therefore added a simple shielded line inside the radio to a rear panel mounted BNC jack which is dedicated to being connected to the YC-601.  Its a simple two conductor hookup to get the vfo signal out of the 101 to a counter.  



Also as previously mentioned don't try connecting a counter to the rf out jack on the back of the 101.  The rf out jack is a source of transmitted rf before the final tubes.  At least that's what i know from hooking up transverters to the 101.  If you hook up a counter there you will be putting rf straight in to the counter when you transmit.




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