Kenwood MIC MC-85 with ICOM725+ICOM271E!


Zoran Vukelic:
I bought Kenwood Mic MC-85 in second hend and I wish to use it on my two ICOM's trancievers (725+271E), but I don't know diferences betweens KENWOOD-s and ICOM-s microphones connectors. If it is possible to get from somebody sheme of pins connect with numbers and what is essential to change that they can work together, or if it is possible to get adress where I can by 2 (two) cable wires prepared to connect Micr. MC-85 KENWOOD, with my RIG-s ICOM 725 and ICOM-271E. I can pay with mu plastic-card for this pear of cables! That would be the better, because I can use my both RIG-s in the same time withouth deassembling every time when I am changing RIG !
73 de YU1EP

James G McQuagge Jr:
The pin-outs for the older Kenwood 8-pin connectors are -- 1=Mic Hi, 2=PTT, 3=Down, 4=Up, 5=8vdc, 6=Rx audio out, 7=Mic Gnd, 8=Gnd.  It is very easy to switch these around on the MC-85 simply by removing the bottom of the base and then changing the pin connector by pushing the contacts out and repositioning them in ICOM order.  I do not have the Icom pin-outs but I do remember that the only difference between Icom and Kenwood was the Mic Hi connection and maybe that is the only one you will have to change.  Good luck.

73 de Jim K4LIX

Djoko Susetio:
If u need wiring or schematic 4 MC 85 pse email me.


Zoran Vukelic:
Hello friends!
Great thanks for Jim (K4LIX) for explenation of pins function, but when I opened RIG's-jack I saw that somebody work on the RIG's-jack and I pleased for help with explenation what is wire-color for what in the function on the microphone RIG's-jack!!!, or write mi position wires number from switch-line-connector in mike-desk and position these wires in the jack's pins numbers for RIG, please!
Thanks YB0CRT, too, but I have not Your E-mail to write You for help!
de Zoran, YU1EP


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