Speaker/mic compatibility: Icom vs. Kenwood


David Green:

I have been using a speaker/mic for a Radio Shack HTX-202 HT which I believe is compatible with Icom radios. If possible I would like to use the same speaker/mic for a Kenwood FRS (UBZ-LH14) radio but connections and PTT logic are incompatible.

I have been able to get the remote mic and speaker to work but have not been able to key the FRS transmitter using the external mic/spkr inputs. Does anyone know how this is done on Kenwood radios? On the Icom/Radio Shack rigs, simply connecting a low impedance load across the mic terminals will do the trick. How is this done on Kenwood HTs?

Thanks in advance.


Giovanni Luce:
I have run across the same incompatability problems, attempting to do the same thing. I own an Icom speaker mic which works fine with Icom, Radio Shack, and Alinco radios. I recently got a good deal on a Kenwood FRS radio with a VOX unit and was planning on using the VOX with the other radios, I found the VOX unit would not work on the non-Kenwood radios, and also discovered that the Icom speaker mic that worked fine on the other radios would not work on the Kenwood radio.
 If memory servers me correct, you would have to rewire both the mic and speaker connections to work on the Kenwood radio. But then it would not work with the Icom/Radio Shack radio's.
My resolution was to sell the Kenwood FRS radio and replace it with another brand FRS radio, (Audiovox, Memorex brand works fine with the Icom mic).

Stuart M. Mulne:
AFAIK, the Kenwoods are "backwards".  The little bitty conector (3/32) is the speaker, and the fat one's the mic.  The Yaesu/Icom/RS standard seems to be the other way around.

I guess you could build an adapter or swap connectors....

The VX-150 uses a multi-conductor 1/8" connector which I don't like much, but there is an adapter available if you prefer to use an older speaker/mic.

The RS HTX-200 manual warns against using speaker/mics where the wiring is common between the speaker and mic.  I've got the feeling that my Yaesu/Icom/RS speaker/mics won't work with it, but I've not tested things.

(I can't think of a sane reason to use a speaker mic on a radio that's about the size of one....)



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