2-Meter Mobile Glass Mount

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Gene Waclawik:

Okay. Here is the scenario. I have a Dodge Ram 4WD with a fiberglass cap. The whole unit fits nicely in the garage. I do,however, have minimal headroom due to the garage door, joist height, and door track. I would like to install a 2-meter rig but the antenna is a concern because of the headroom. Thinking of a glass mount on the cap side window with a 1/4 wave or even a 1/4 wave "wannabee". (plenty of repeaters in the area..power is not a problem). Mag mounts are out...drilling holes (UGH) is out. Looking for suggestions. I can't be the only one with this situation. I know a side mount is not optimal, but I don't think the ant. will see the fiberglass. Not sure. Help me Elmer!! Help Me!
   Gene K3ASF

Steve Katz:
If the only ground plane available for the antenna is glass or fibreglas, a 1/4-wavelength antenna isn't going to work well at all; however, most of the real two meter glass mount antennas are not 1/4-wave, but rather electrically 1/2-wavelength and require no ground plane.

They're not the greatest antennas in the world, and the glass has some loss (some types of tinted glass have a great deal of loss), but it's better than a rubber duckie inside the truck!

Like Nike says, "Just do it."


Have you considered a bumper mount? You can get a really good 5/8 wave antenna that when mounted to the bumper, might still give you plenty of clearance and will outperform any on glass antenna.

Stuart A. Forman:
ATOC Technologies make a glass mount antenna with a short counterpoise which mounts on the inside "window" part of the antenna. I have used one for about a year and it seems to work well. I have mine mounted between the cab and the cap of my pick up. Sort of "stealth" mounted. Even though it sees about 4 inches of metal cab roof still works. BTW, a small rubber ball on the shaft to where it would bang against the roof and cap is a good idea.

Phil Salas:
I've had a Larson dual band (144/440 Mhz) glass mount antenna mounted on the rear passenger window of my VW New Beetle for over three years.  Works great.  I can easily hit all the repeaters I can hear.  Maybe not as efficient as some antennas/mounting methods, but plenty good enough for me.

Phil - AD5X


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