QRP Linear, The Outcom OPA202 Wideband, 160w

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Recently acquired a Outcom OPA-202 wideband linear amp at a "swap meet."  I have yet to put it in service, meanwhile I'd appreciate hearing from any other OPA-101 or OPA-202 users.  

The OPA-202:
20 amps
Driving power AM 1 thru 7.5 watts, SSB 2-25 watts.
Freq Range 7 thru 30 mhz.
Output choices:
4 watts in - SSB: 30, 60, and 180 watts out
4 watts in - AM: 100 and 160 watts out

If I have to get a low pass filter, I will, but I could just use it mobile and not worry about filtering the output. ;)
Maybe it already is filtered, I dunno for sure.


Allen C. Ward:
This is a Texas Star obsolete illegal CB amplifier.
It has NO filtering and will not meet FCC specifcations for use on the amateur bands.

Dang!!!!  Bummer!  What a let-down!!!!

 Fortunately I didn't pay much.  Guess I could build a homebrew linear and gut the Texas Star case and use the case.  Or, I could just sell it to a trucker, maybe.  

Sheesh, maybe I could house a spark-gap transmitter in the case.

Will the FCC ever legalize (properly built) QRP linears, or will things just stay this way forever?

Well, thanks for replying, even though the news is less than favorable.
Guess I better go lick my wounds.


Gary Koniewicz:
There are qrp amplifiers that are legal, they meet the FCC requirements.

Gary n2vww

Hi Gary
Hi Allen

The amp was in a box of parts and radios I bought real cheap, all I wanted was an SWR bridge and the rest of the stuff was incl in the deal.  Also got a 50 watt Pierce Simpson radio that caught on fire when I plugged it in.  Wierd, so I took it outside, opened it up, plugged it in again and a coil was smoking and burning up.  Strange.  

I could either give the amp to a CBer or use it for parts, or just gut out the case and use the case for a project.

The inside is rough looking, looks like the rosin seeped out from the solder joints.  It powers up ok, but I really don't plan to hard wire a FT817 to it; no telling what it might blow back thru the coax.  It'll probably look real nice under a CB'ers dash board.  

Not just here, but the more I tell people about it, the more I get beat up; so i guess I better qualify what I say/write about.



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