Yaesu FRB-757 Relay Box Help

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Robertt J. Wolfe:
Greetings, anyone have any tips on using the frb-757 relay box with the ft757gx? Connections from the rig to the switch are correct. Switching seems to work, but there is no output. I must be missing something. 73 w7rkb

Marty Duplissey:
There is no "Output" from the relay box. It closes the connection between the center and the shield of the rca connector on the output rca jack.


Robertt J. Wolfe:
Thanks N5KBP for the reply. From the Yaesu connection diagram the box supplies transceiver switching control and amp relay switching voltage. I`m trying to control a Swan 1200x amp. relay (12V.@100ma.). Do I need another 12v. source for amp. control? 73 W7RKB

Marty Duplissey:
Connect the relay box to the 757 both connecters. If I remember right they are color coded. One was blue and the other was red. Connect the amp key line to the output jack on the relay and you should be good to go.


Robertt J. Wolfe:
Marty thanks for the reply. The connections are from FT-757gx, Blue/PTT, Red/13.5v, TX/out to amp relay. All I can say it looks good on paper, but, there is no output voltage @ TX/out. By the way for around $4 I replaced the relay and diodes just to be sure. Oh well. Thanks Marty. 73 R.J.


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