Midland 23-126 Meter

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I use an old CB SWR meter for 2mtrs and it works fine. I think as long as you can get a full scale deflection on 'FWD' it doesn't matter too much.

I suppose mine isn't the most accurate device in the world but it's been the only thing I've used for 2Mtrs since 1990!

I suppose if you are keen you could test it first by using it with a dummy load on your band of choice.


Alan M. Homes:
I have a Midland 23-126 SWR Meter. (dated from 1978) What frequencies will this meter cover?

Alan Applegate:
If that's the long skinny black one with the field strength antenna port on the top, it's 2 to 30 Mhz (or is that Mc?). I sold dozens of those things back in the 70s when I worked for CW Electronics in Denver.

Alan, KØBG

Dale Hunt:
I don't know about that specific meter, but most of the
older SWR meters designed for CB were very frequency
sensitive - it takes a lot more power to get a full
scale reading on the lower bands than it does on the
higher frequencies.  The ones I've used require about
5 watts full scale on 40m, 20 watts on 80m, and on
160 I can only get enough power out of the transmitter
to get a good reading when the SWR is low to start with!  On the other hand, they are usable on 2m (though
not necessarily accurate) and I can get a full scale
reading using my signal generator at around 20mW.

Carroll F. Neff, Jr. AKA "CAL":
I would not rely as heavily on my old CB VSWR meter
as I do on my Bird 43, but just how precise do you
really need to be?  A ham with several different VSWR
measuring devices is worse off than a man with two
wrist watches and will soon be in need of a chill pill!
Remember that working on a dummy load until its vswr
is unity will not make it radiate any better than before. The same is true with antennas.  Unless you
have a need to obsess*, don't worry about anything
that your rig will happily load into.  The guy on the
other end won't be able to tell any difference!
73,   Cal  K4JSR
* I am guilty of obsessing. But then I need to get a life anyway.  For now, a cold beer will just have to do! :-D


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