Little Joe transmitter -- Homebrew


Lavern Michael Patrick:
Does anyone have an article or schematic on the Little Joe transmitter?  I found one on the net that was VXO controlled for 15m.. but hope to find one that's designed for 40m. I'll send address for any replies and help.  Thanks and 73,   /mike

Robert Arnold:
Check this url:

You'll find a schematic and parts list for versions of the Little Joe transmitter from 160 to 10 meters.

There are also links to a source for a kit of parts and a PC board for the transmitter.

Bob Arnold N2JEU

Dale Hunt:
Dan's Small Parts and Kits has (I think) parts kits
for them.

Lavern Michael Patrick:
Thank you!    /mike

hey i just wanted to say thx also.
I might try that out :)


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