Direct Burial Telephone Wire

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Tom Rauch:
I'm looking for a source of direct burial telephone wire like the telco companies use.

I use this stuff mostly for control lines that are buried for long distances. Gauge isn't important, but I need at least 4 or more pairs.

I've done Internet searches with no luck.

I need the stuff with a copper shield inside if possible. Anyone know a good source?

Thanks, Tom

graybar, north supply, anixter, cincinnati bell supply. Call your local telco, they are allowed to sell to outside vendors since "de-reg".

Most UG (underground) is 22ga, flooded with that gawd awful goop.

The last time I bought it, I bought it from North Supply.

Also, check out Mike Sandman in Chicago.

if all you need is a couple hundred feet, find a cable splicer truck and ask the splicer for an end spool.

Steve Jackson:
Flooded UG22/5 has 5 pair and is the standard large residential pull for BellSouth.  

Sprint North Supply has it, but surely there's a ham in the local telco field ops who can get you a spool-end, for six brown 12 oz. favors.

I have a large amount here (in use) and could probably use some more, plus a can of the alco-wipes you need to dress the ends.

Alan Applegate:
Save your money! most good hardware stores and all garden centers who sell sprinkler equipment have exactly what you want: direct buriable control cable. It is available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 12 conductor and is typically 18 gauge. The best part is, it's 1/4 the cost of telephone cable.

Alan, KØBG

If you use this control wire to run telecom over , you are in for a big supprise. It does NOT conform to telco standards! It is not twisted pair wire!. And that is the manner that was devised years ago to keep out inductance of unwanted signals including 60 Hz & multiples of freqs from entering the cable. It also does not have a metallic sheath that also MUST be bonded to the MGN (the neutral or ground ). I have been a telephone tech for 25 years and I'm still suprised to see how some guys want to do things on the cheap. Then they call the phone company & complain about the noise on their lines!


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