Dan Harms:
I have a US Tower TX-455 crank-up. An engineer friend is suggesting modifications to an "off the shelf" electric wrinch with some safety stops to work on the tower.  It seems quite do-able but I'm wondering if anyone has "been there, done that".   Tnx, 73's Dan K9OAT

Bill Peacock:
Since US Towers sells electric winches for their towers, I don't see why you couldn't make one your self.


Steve Katz:
Never retrofit a TX-455 for an electric winch, but I've retrofit a few Tri-Ex W51's (kind of a smaller brother of the TX-455, similar construction but not as heavy) and they went just fine.  I used drives that had internal clutches, and since I was always doing the extension/retraction while standing at the base of the tower and not remotely, I never bothered with limit switches  -- although they're a good idea and can at least help prevent a clutch burnout.

With a single cable winch system, this is not a big job and can even be done with the tower upright, installed, since when the tower's fully retracted, the cable is slack.


Peter Markavage:
I have an old E-Z Way RBZ-75 3 section heavy duty 75 foot tower. My old Towertec motorized winch finally died on me last year after 24 years. Looked around at some of the available motorized 12 volt and 110AC winches on some of the "winch" sites. Finally settled on the U.S. Tower MD-75 winch. The motor, 1 HP, came in one heavy duty box and the gear box, base, and the rest of the stuff, were secured and packed in a housing made with 2X4's, wood panels, and then wrapped in heavy cardboard. It took 2 UPS guys to carry this housing up to the garage door. Everything arrived in great shape. ! was able to assemble the entire assembly on the side tower plate after relocating two mounting holes from the original winch mounting. It's been in operation for 1.5 years and works great. Somewhat pricey going direct to U. S. tower, so I saved a few bucks by having a local HRO store order it

Now I'm on the search for a smaller motorized version to replace the hand crank winch that controls the tilt-over operation of the tower.

Pete, WA2CWA


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