Vanco SWR meter


I was recently given a Vanco SWR meter. The model is SWR-1. There is a switch for "FWD" and "REF" and there is a calibration knob(I think). Does anyone know how to use one of these. Meters I used in the past had a switch that was one way to calibrate it and another way to actually test the SWR's. This one has no switch I can see.


Mike Thorson:
The older SWR meters are cal'd by adjusting it to a full deflection in the FWD position and then reading the SWR in the Reverse position. So I would start there. 73's

Michael Howard:
I have that meter, and that is how you do it.  I have a copy of the manual.  If you would like more info, send me an email.


Thanks for the info guys. I just need to get a jumper cable now and try it out.


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