Diodes in Heathkit SB-200 Power Supply?


Frank MacKenzie-Lamb:
Can anyone tell me what diodes are in the PS of an Heathkit SB-200 amp? The manual only refers to them as silicon diodes 57-27 which which there are 16 in it but no description to get a replacement and I can't read them on the board.

Any help greatly appreciated...


Marty Duplissey:
You can replace them with just about any silicon rectifier diodes rated for 2 to 3 amps at 1000V.


Allen C. Ward:
Use 1N5408 3 amp 1000 volts.  They are cheap enough that you can replace all the HV rectifiers at the same time.  You might wish to consult the Harbach web site for the mods/refurbishments/updates he makes.
Gud luck Allen


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