Hy-Gain TH3JR Antenna...


Dwight D. Hastings:
Question...About this 3 element
10, 15, 20 meter beam.  I looked at
the product review, but nothing was
listed for this antenna.  

 So how good is the Model TH3JR
antenna.  For a beam antenna?
Or any general information about it.

 Any one using this antenna, and
having good results with it?


Well I have an older version (probably 15 years old at least) and it does have some problems, which may or may not be found in newer ones.

(1) The boom. The boom is actually 2 pieces. The are held together in the boom to mast clamp. If I can ever get mine back down (I am disabled, have to wait on friends to help) I am going to put a sleeve inside the two pieces and bolt it in place to keep the front and back sections from rotating. Every time the wind blows, the rear section of mine goes from one 45 degree angle to another.

(2) Traps. Wire connections are done with rivits which come loose frequently and cause horrendous SWR.

As I said, other beams may have this same problem, but I hope they have improved the product.

Steve Katz:
The TH3JR's been around a whole lot longer than 15 years...I had one in 1968, and it wasn't a new model then by any means.  Don't know if anything's changed between the "old" ones and the "new" ones, but the old ones were pretty good.

The boom twisting issue is really a non-issue if the clamps are installed tightly from the start, but can be easily resolved by simply "pinning the boom" where the sections overlap (using a drilled hole through the two overlapped booms, and inserting a long bolt with lockwasher and nut to hold it in place).  Most everybody does this.

I never had any problems at all with the TH3JR.  I'd recommend its "big brother" (TH3) instead, though, as it's a bit better and will handle a kilowatt, which the "JR" model traps will not.  Just in case!


James Carroll:
Hi Dwight,
This was my first "beam" and while it was not very high
(approx.25')it did work well.I believe it's rated at 600W PEP but I fed(occasionally)a little more power with an SB-200 and it never failed.At 21 pounds it was not a heavy antenna and therefore did not need a huge support platform(mine was on a pole).I used it for almost 7 years before replacing it with a Cushcraft
It was a good starter antenna..and it certainly did a much better job than my dipoles and verticals.
Have fun!


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