Astatic 877L Microphone


Christopher Lee:
I have an Astatic 877L mic that I bought from Ebay.

It's cable (looks factory) has four conductors (red, black, green, white) plus an uninsulated shield wire.

Can anyone provide a description of the plug pinout for this item? It will be used on an 8 pin Kenwwod rig (B-2000).


If you don't get a definitive answer from someone else, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.  White is almost always the mic-audio line.  Red is very often used for TX.  The black could be ground/common, or the green would be.  This could easily be checked with an ohm-meter or continuity tester.  The un-insulated wire is most likely the shield around the audio lead (mic-gnd).

You could also open the mic up and possibly determine the wiring code by peeking inside.  Maybe at least narrow down the possibilities.

The Kenwood won't need a RX line.  It will only need TX, ground, and mic-audio (and mic-ground).  In most cases, the mic-gnd and ground are common in the mic.  The only pins you'll need to wire up in the 8-pin mic plug are:
1 - mic-audio
2 - PTT - TX line
7 - mic-gnd
8 - ground

Sorry I couldn't be more specific about the color code, but it would make sense to determine it for sure for yourself.  It is always possible that someone replaced the cord, or may have re-wired it.

Christopher Lee:
Thanks for the reply!

I appreciate the input.  I found the Kenwood mic plug specs in my rig docs (Note to self: RTFM before posting questions!)

I will take your advice and investigate the mic wiring myself. it shouldn't be that big a hassle.


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