Icom IC-706MkIIG Control Software?

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David M. Carney:
I have an Icom IC-706MkIIG.

I just ordered a CI-V computer interface cable for it (NOT the ultra expensive Icom model).

I have some programs (PSK31 and a logging program) that can use the interface for different functions, such as reading the frequency, etc.

Is anybody using software that will actually control the radio itself? You know, turning on/off different radio functions, etc.

If so, what software is available and what works best?

David, N1ZHE

Jim Baker:
You didn't mention Mac or PC so...
I have a Macintosh and use MacLoggerDX to control the mode, and the two VFOs  (frequency, band, and split) of my Icom 706 MkIIG.
I highly recommend this product; it's the best logging program, period.
I'm not aware of a Macintosh-compatible product that controls every function of the 706.
Good luck!
73 de Jim

David M. Carney:
Sorry for the omission!

I'm using an Intel based machine.

To be specific:

Homebrew computer
Athlon 2100+ XP CPU
512 Megs ram
2 HD's; a 20 gig and an 80 gig
NVidia video

David, N1ZHE

Jean Giesler:
I am no fan of the 706 series but is it that difficult to tune the radio that you need a computer to do it.

Most logging programs will match the frequency shown on the computer to the radio and visa versa. Their manuals will tell you of the other functions.

Ole man JEAN

The one and only absolute BEST software "suite" to control the radio, allow logging AND play PSK31/63 is none other than the world famous Ham Radio Deluxe by Simon Brown www.ham-radio.ch

The IC706 family does not NEED a control program, once you set up the menu, I just leave it alone... but, HRD gives you the option to do anything you want from the computer than you can do from the front panel.

oh yea, the software is FREE!!

I have not done it yet, but I want to try to run PSK31 from any workstation on the network someday.


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