DPL, DCTS, and DSQ help.


Nick Mullins:
I have and Alinco DR-610TQ with 3 digit DSQ (Digital Squelch). According to Ham Distribution Inc. it is the same as the Motorola DPL system (Digital PL Tone, also known as DTCS by Icom). The problem is that he also said the numbers are different than the Motorola. Example, the 114NORMAL Motorola DPL would be a different number on the Alinco.

He said he didn't have a cross over chart. It would be of great help if someone could shed a little light on this delima for me. It would be much easier than going through all 999 code combinations of the Alinco to find out what it's number is for a 114 NORMAL Motoral DPL:)


Terry Schieler:
Motorola expresses its Digital Private Line codes two manners.  Normal and Inverted...doubling the possible options.  Check out the second chart on this web page:



Terry, WØFM

Nick Mullins:
Thanks for the website. It's got some good reading. At this point I know that the Motorola tone is 114 Normal, but I am having trouble finding out what Alinco's version is of this same code.


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