Seco 1100 Tube Tester


What is the value of the seco 1100? Thanks in advance.

tom lish II:
No being a smart alec, but the only answer here is how much would you be willing to pay to buy it, or if you own it now , how much would you sell it for.  

An Items value changes with the perception of the buyer and seller.  I have given away radios away that I may have paid $100 or more for when I got them. Are they worth $100, yes, are they worth $0, probably not, those  rigs are probably the equivelent of a 746 or a ts 2000 to someone who does not have the ability to buy one.  

To I think the value of the tube tester is  variable, not too many folks need one, it has to do specific tubes to be a ham's friend, and the market is small, which brings the price down, but it may be rare  due to  the same reasons, which brings the price up.  

I hope this helps,

I'll give you Ten bucks for it as I don't do a whole lot of tubes, you pay shipping.. hi hi.

Philip Camera:
One way to find out what unsed equipment is going for is to do a search on various classifieds or eBay items.  For example, one can do a search of the classified ads here on eHam and see what past units, if any, sold for.  On eBay, you need to go into the Advanced Search section and do a search on Completed Auctions and find the same information.  Then apply the quality of the units sold versus the quality of your unit and that'll give you a good idea.  Phil  KB9CRY


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