Artificial "tree" antennas!

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    Heard a QSO today where a ham was explaining how he beat the HOA  and CC&Rs by putting up some artificial trees on his property with ham antennas hidden inside!  One was in just a fake Christmas tree, and for another he used a real pine tree that he had chopped down somewhere.  He was able to make a hole in the middle of the tree to place a small PVC tube with his antenna wire inside, by cutting the tree in half and then screwing and glueing it back together again!  When the real pine needles fell off, he glued small pieces of green plastic to the branches to simulate them.  He buried the bottom part of the tree in the ground, and then ran a bunch of radials from it's base.  Yet another way for HAMS to beat all of those mean HOA dictators!! :)  

Brad McKibben:
I know for a fact that cell companes have been using this tatctic for wawhile near parks and the like to get in a cell tower without disturbing the natural beauty. The other thing that they have been going to espeecially in the NE is restoring old church bell tower and putting the antenna there.

   Yes, I've seen those cellular "tree" antennas.  Some of them do look quite artificial though.  I checked the internet and found some manufacturers who make real looking artificial trees of various types and designs, but they are a bit on the expensive side.  Real pine trees are not too expensive and go straight up, so they are ideal to house hidden HAM antennas.  Also, they are evergreen, so fake needles that are green all year round would not be too obvious.

David Caruthers:
Why go to the bother of PVC tubing and the like for a treemendous vertical. Other than some slight distortion of the radiation patter you will do just as well some brown insulated wire to the tree.

"One was in just a fake Christmas tree, and for another he used a real pine tree that he had chopped down somewhere."

Heh... I think there's a business opportunity in here somewhere.   Artificial Christmas trees, although they come in fairly realistic form these days, are probably no good for long-term outdoor use.  A 33' UV stabilized version would be good ;-)



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