Vertex VXR-1000 mobile repeater

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Steve Harrison:

Anybody have any experience with putting the Vertex VXR-1000 mobile cross-band repeater on VHF Ham frequencies?

Tks, Steve, kb7rgt

Jack Stout:
I am not sure what you want to do.  If you have a vhf version it will couple a vhf signal to a uhf radio and retransmit via the radio on uhf. I have never tried programming one to vhf amateur frequencies but generally speaking, most Vertex products will cover the amateur bands.  could you be a little more specific on your application?


Steve Harrison:
Hi Jack,

Thanks for your response. Yes, what I want it to do is transmit in the 2 meter band. I talked to a Vertex Tech who said his software would not allow him to input a Ham frequency, and further that he 'thought' there were hardware blocks to it as well.

The bottom line is, I just bought a new one, and need to know if I can use it, or if I need to eBay it.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Steve, kb7rgt

Jack Stout:
I can not tell you 100% that it will program into the ham bands.  I have only installed two of these units over the past year and both were commercial applications.  I do know that the VXR has to be hardwired into the radio via rx audio, ptt, power and so forth.  

Good Luck

Lon Kinley:
<<  I just bought a new one, and need to know if I can use it, or if I need to eBay it. >>

You bought this thing BEFORE you decided to find out if you could use it? Come visit me, I have several items I'll make you a very good deal on.


Lon - N3ZKP
Baltimore, Maryland


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