Repairing Cushcraft A3S traps


I've heard these traps can be repaired and improved. Anyone know where I can get the instructions to do this project?  Thanks :)

Irvin M Feldman:
Might find info useful

Good Luck!


Philip Camera:
I also know many folks have posted their trap refurbishing experiences on the TowerTalk reflector.  Go to and do a search through the TowerTalk archives.  

Tom Hybiske:
WARNING!! Before taking apart your A3.  There are 2 different types of 15 meter traps that look identical. They are used in the reflector and driver elements. The 15 meter traps that are used in the director have a higher frequency of resonance.  Back when you put the antenna together, the traps had little paper stickers to identify them.  But these stickers are no doubt long gone.  (Good one, Cushcraft!)  I mixed mine up, and needed an HP network analyzer to identify the 2 trap types.  A grip dip meter is too coarse to separate the two.  So mark your traps before taking the antenna apart.

Gene A Bigham:
I did so when I last had my A3S down.  As another pointed out here be sure and mark each trap with magic marker, what band traps are, where they were located -director,driven,reflector- and work on one at a time from dissassembly to reassembly.  Under a plastic cap there is a screw holding down a split section of the outer cover of the trap.  Take this screw out and carefully bend the split section even with the outer cover to allow the trap to slide out.  Noting no burned areas, I simply cleaned inside, replaced the screws holding the coil ends with one size larger self tapping stainless screws.  Slid back together carefully bend the split section back and secure with another stailess screw.  Purchase new end caps completes the project.
I also marked where each tube slid together with marker to make putting it back together easy.  I also had an arrow on each trap indicating the end closest to the boom.


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