TH-F6A as a police scanner?

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Newbie here!
  Am I reading the brochure correct.  The Kenwood TH-F6A (and other HT's)have the capability to act as a scanner too?
  Thanks for your time!

Larry J. Rolewic:
The answer is a definite "maybe."  The "DC-to-light" H-T's are prone to intermod interference, which may compromise reception in the Public Service bands.
    In addition, receiver sensitivity and performance of any Amateur Radio receiver is only guaranteed within the Amateur Radio bands, so it may not perform as well as you would wish.

yes they have "scan" functions, but my understanding is scanners and ham radios work in very different ways..... scanners work in "banks" and you can switch "banks" in and out, these HT's have a scan mode that's more like, scanning through the band and stopping when they hear a signal. You can set up a scanner to scan preset memories say, all the police freqs in your town, I'm not sure if the ham stuff can do that so well, if it can at all.

That being said, the quality of ham stuff is very high, since it has to be good enough to transmit with too. Listening to "utility" stuff on a ham rig is great.

And if you don't have your license, it might be a good inspiration to get yours once you handle some ham gear and listen to some of the neat people and tech discussions on the ham freqs.

The TH-F6A can act like a normal FM analog non-trunking scanner. It can scan a frequency range, one bank, multiple banks, or all banks. Weaknesses include slower scan speed (10 channels per second compared to 100 for some scanners) and lack of trunking and digital support if that's important to you. I don't know how the IMD compares to a similar sized handheld scanner; it's certainly noticeably worse than a full size scanner such as a BC898T as one might expect.

User manual available from the Kenwood web site.


David Crusan:
Steve said pretty much everything I would have.  I've used my Icom-2100 as a scanner before, and it's done fine.  I didn't put TOO much in it (fired, police, EMS) really due to the slowed scan speed compared to my regular scanner.  Plus, while I'm hearing say a police report, I'm missing possible repeater traffic - whether that's good or bad depends on the repeaters involved, I guess ;)


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