Wire Antenna under the eave's?

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Daniel L Baker:
I am starting to put together some of ideas for a HF antenna in a new home on a golf course that does not allow any antennas. I will be living here for the next 5 years. I am thinking of either taking a Long wire and stapling it under the eaves of the house. This is a two story. Or just running a dipole under the eves. I would make each leg as long as I can, they would not be symmetrical. The second option is since I will watch the home being built I will have great access to the attic to install anything. One last thing. My Station will be located on the second level in a spare bedroom. I run a Yaesu HF rig Drake L4B with matching tuner. I am also having 220 wired to the bedroom. How cool is that? This is a new development with baby trees. So that is about it. Thanks for the help,    Dan  KM6CQ

Jeff Nyberg:

I'm under the same restrictions you are (many of us are, of course).  Under the eaves is a great place for a stealth wire loop.  I run mine all the way around the house, and I've worked all over the country on 40 and 80 with it (100 watts).  

Sorry to hear about the baby trees - a stealth wire vertical on a 33-foot Jackite telescoping fiberglass pole would be great.  I homebrewed one of those as well.

But back to the wire under the eaves - definitely go for it, but being a compromise antenna, you likely won't see the performance you may have seen at any other QTHs.  Good luck!

73 de Jeff, KF5KWO
Helotes, TX

Steve Katz:
If you're having the house built, why not spend a bit more and have the landscaper plant some not-so-baby trees, maybe forty footers?

If they do this before the sod is down and they can get heavy equipment into the yard, it's much cheaper than doing it later.

I've had 50' trees planted for about $1500 each; they use a small crane to get them in.

When you have some decent trees, "invisible" wire antennas can work really, really well...


Chris Worsley:
A wire antenna under the eaves might be okay if you don't have a stucco finish on the outside of the house. The wire mesh beneath the stucco affected the wire I ran under the eaves and I ended up taking it down. There was only a foot or so between mesh and antenna.

Philip Camera:
 run a Yaesu HF rig Drake L4B with matching tuner. I am also having 220 wired to the bedroom.

Not cool unless you install that wire on stand-offs at least a foot away from any structure; if you don't, you run the risk of arcing and causing a fire.

If the eaves are metal, your antenna will be severely de-tuned and will be extremely inefficient.

I'd look to other solutions to your problem.


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