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 I have a KLM model # PA4-80BL. 2 meter mobile amp. I have had no luck in finding any information on this amp. I don't know if this amp will work on SSB, What the drive power to run this amp is. There is an RCA jack on the back of the unit, I am assuming that it is for a foot switch or some other connection to energize the amp. Can anyone help me with some information about this amp? Thanks for reading this post, 73 for now.

Steve Katz:
It's an old amp.  KLM built amplifiers like that one in California 20 years ago, and back to about 30 years ago.

I remember their numbering scheme quite well, since I owned about a dozen of the amps over the years...

PA = "power amplifier"
4 = 4 Watts drive power maximum
80 = 80 Watts output power maximum
B = VHF range (A = 50 MHz, B = 144 MHz, C = 220 MHz, D = 432 MHz)
L = "linear"

PA4-80BL is an 80W PEP output amplifier that will provide 80W output with 4W RF drive.  Its operating frequency band is two meters, and it is "linear," so will work all modes including SSB.

Do *not* drive it with more than 4W drive power, or that will be the end of the amplifier.

It should draw about 12A at 13.8Vdc, when running full power.

The RCA phono jack is indeed for a keying line (ground on TX to make amplifier key).



tom lish II:
also some of them has a "rf sensing " circuit in them so it may key on the rf signal and not need a keying line. If so it would have a fm/ssb switch on the front to hold the amp in tx for a couple of miliseconds to prevent drop out between words on ssb.

Thanks for the quick response to my questios guy's I guess that I need to use a foot switch to use this amp on SSB, It does have a rf sense keying circuit, But that will only be good for FM. There is no FM SSB switch on the unit. Thanks again for the quick response. 73.


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