Workman 104 SWR meter problems


Rich Knack:
I just purchased a Workman mod. 104 SWR/Wattmeter at the Dayton Hamvention this year. Got it home, and found out it doesn't work. The needle barely moves on the wattmeter setting, and doesn't move at all on the set or swr positions. Is there some kind of adjustment that can be made to it, or for that matter, how can I contact the manufacturer (I don't remember what vendor I got it from). Blast it, I expect brand-new equipment to work properly!

Steve Katz:
If you bought it new, you should have kept the receipt!

Check out the link below for more "interesting" information about the Workman 104:

It seems that reviewer had the same problem you describe.

Workman is a "CB" brand of accessories who is evidently hiding behind another name because they, as a manufacturer, can't really be found (far as I can tell); however, their primary distributor appears to be Palco Electronics in Michigan.  Since that's close to Dayton, perhaps that's who you bought it from??


tom lish II:
I think Buxcommco also carries these, I have a couple and they work fine

Ralph D'Andrea:
I had to chuckle when I read the review linked above.

I have one of these meters and it works fine, now that I have replaced all the screws with larger ones (because the SO-239 mounting holes were stripped) and now that I have re-soldered all the cold solder joints on the circuit board.

I got mine because it was inexpensive; it was inexpensive because it wasn't made very well.  Like some of the Mighty Fine Junk that is out there, view this meter as a kit.  Once you complete the assembly that the manufacturer never quite finished, it will probably work fine.  Or if you have more money than time, buy a more expensive product from a different manufacturer next time.

Louis Cashmer:
I know it's been a few years since this conversation took place, but I have a question about my Workman 104. Mine works fine, but I haven't used it in many years and can't find the manual.

As someone pointed out finding info from the manufacture such as a manual on line is pretty much impossible.

The meter on the 104 has no set line. Should I then assume that I should adjust the set knob for full scale in the forward direction?

I was hoping someone else who has one could confirm for me.



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