Cushcraft MA5B vs. Mosley MINI 33 WARC vs.........


john ferro:
rotatable dipole.

i would like to hear opinions and experiences with hams who own these antennas - i narrowed my choice down to one of these.

i would also give consideration to a rotatable, but think the small beam might give me better dx. TIA, john

tom lish II:
I think  the ma5b is a pretty darn good antenna for the price. I had one up until just revently and sent it to a friend as I also have a steppir.

its actually 2 elements on 10,15, and 20 and a rotatable dipole on 12 and 17.

it actually does a pretty good job. I have a friend who had the 33 jr and it was a bit better, but that was much bigger.

I like the ma5b alot. it does well and can go on a push up mast with a smallish rotor

James K. Crofutt:
The MA5B is a pretty good small beam, I have helped install two of them, but one point, it is not a feather weight for it's size, it actually is as heavy as some of the early Hy-Gain Tri-banders I use to own  so keep this in mind on your choice as well.  It can also be challenging to install around other antennas due to those  capacitive spokes so make sure you have plenty of help to assist or you could get in trouble fast. My understanding from what I have read is to keep the power down , 500 watts . You won't go wrong with it, the Mosley is also a pretty good beam and tried and tested over many years. I would have no problem with either one. 73 Jim N0XE

Allen C. Ward:
The MINI 33 is not the same as the TA-33Jr and it does not get good reviews.  The Mosley TA-32jr WARC is a two element beam and a dipole for the WARC bands and is more in league with the MA5B except for the element length and it doesn't need all the fussiness with the capacity hats.
You pays your money and you makes your choice.

Robert I. Egbert:
I've worked over 100 countries in about 7 months using the Mosley MINI-33A.  Most of these were with the beam mounted on the top of a 30 telescoping mast.  Apparently Mosley made some modifications to the MINI-33, which evidently resolved some problems with the original model.  The newer model is listed as the MINI-33A.


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