Want to Build Novice, tube type CW transmitter

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Clyde Frolich:
Would sure like to build a 40/80 meter one or two tube cw trandmitter to use with my Hq-170A receiver to make up a vintage station such as I had back in the 50's. I have 6AQ5, 6CL6, 6V6, 807 and 1625 tubes, 80/40 meter cw crystals, coil, caps, rfc's, chassis a sockets. Does anyone out there have a schematic and other info on something I could put together, or maybe somebody has an 80 or 40 meter ARC-5 transmitter they no longer use. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Clyde, W7QHH

Michael S. Higgins:
Fifty's ARRL handbooks are full of circuits and projects for CW transmitters.

John Pawlicki:
I built my first transmitter from a book called "From CB to Ham Beginner".  It is still available from time to time on Ebay.  Very easy to build and get working.

My 2 cents.

73, JP, K8AG

So easy, even a caveman can do it!


73 de Charles - KC8VWM

Before you transmit using your home make transmitter first check out the tech specs in the FCC Rules and Regulations in re to purity of signal etc....

Make sure that your signal will meet all FCC specs befort transmitting.

Remember that it is you who are responsible for your signal.



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