marcelo carvalho:
ant program more than single channel on my standard hx 190- 16 bussines radio, the first ch accept independent rx-and tx frequence ,that info ,fill-up all 16 ch, like rig have only one ch avaliable for that purpose...???? looks like eraser primary information...obs my squelch always close ... obs.#2 high level technical question,if you d'ont known about, just keep way !.............................

Alan Applegate:
This is where you need to start: http://www.vertexstandard.com

The HX190 is not a US model, it is a European model. Like all Standard EEPROM radios, the number of channels must be programmed in, just like the Frequencies. I personally do not know this is done, but I suspect the manual explains how it is done. Vertex Standard will be glad to sell you the manual, or refer you to a Brazilian dealer. According to their web site, there is a dealer in Sao Palo.

Alan, KØBG

Lon Kinley:

This is the guy's 4th post of the same question and yours is the second response telling him to contact V-S. (mine was the first)

I don't think he bothers to read, just post.

Lon - W3LK
Naugatuck, Connecticut


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