CAT & Linear Control on FT-897


Homer Patrick McMullan:
I have just purchased a Yaesu FT-897D, and an Ameritron AL-811H. How do I run the amplifier and a CAT control program such as Ham Radio Deluxe at the same time?

Pat McMullan

Check out:

I think maybe it's even simpler than that, though, for an AL-811.

You just need ALC and and a keying line, right?  ALC connection is available at a different jack anyway.

The other thing you need is the "TX GND" pin on the CAT/LINEAR connector and it is always available, even if you have the back panel connector in CAT/TUNER mode.

You just need a cable to break out that line to key your amp.  The rest of the pins provide band data to one of Yaesu's amplifiers, and you don't need them.


I have a 6 month old 857d in mint cond. with the sep. kit
the box and all it comes with. Let me know if your interested in a trade for your 897d.
73, Richard-N6DXN  714-209-2462


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