KWM-2 crystals


Steve Katz:
Anyone have, or know where I can buy, the following KWM-2 L.O. crystals?

40m  10.155 MHz  P/N 2909027-00
20m  8.5775 MHz  P/N 2909062-00
20m  8.6775 MHz  P/N 2909063-00
15m 12.0775 MHz  P/N 2909097-00
15m 12.1775 MHz  P/N 2909098-00
10m 15.8275 MHz  P/N 2909201-00


Steve, WB2WIK/6

Larry Clark:

Petersen Radio Co.            (712) 323-7539
2735 Avenue "A"
Council Bluffs, IA 51501      Crystals

JAN Crystals     800-526-9825: 813-936-2397
P.O. Box 06017:  2341 Crystal Drive:   Crystals
Ft. Myers, FL 33906-6017
They still sell FT-243 Crystals made to order!

International Crystal Mfg Co. 405-236-3741
10 North Lee Street           Crystals!
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
They still sell FT-243 Crystals made to order and they maintain
data on all the old Boatanchor rigs as to crystal requirements!


Try Peterson first.  The guy that runs it has been at it for years.  He'll know what you need off the top of his head.

Steve Katz:
K0RS: Thanks.  I had already contacted ICM, and they've already quoted.  I was "hoping" to find someone who might have had a xtal set laying around from a scrapped M2, but probably won't!  I'll try the others.

This isn't for me, I don't even like the M2, but for a friend in Israel who evidently has the rig but without the xtal set for some reason.

Thanks again.

73, Steve, WB2WIK/6

Lee Jennings:
I have the following

Do you still need them?
Make an offer?



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