Hallicrafters "Sky Buddy" Receiver

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Louis Manuch:
Anyone ever restored/repaired one of these? Any info you may care to share will be very welcome. The unit I have seems to be in pretty good mechanical shape, but doesn't work. How about a source for a schematic and/or a manual? This will be my winter project. Jerry K3DXR

Your research will be aided if you use a model number - I think the Sky Buddy name was for the S20R, a rather nice entry-level receiver of the late 40's or so. I saw one at a flea market last year, wish I'd bought it for the memories. check into the compuserve HamNet forums, you'll be certain to turn up someone who can help you with it.

Fred Wagner, KQ6Q

The S20R is the "Sky Champion"
You can find all of the information you need about your Sky Buddy from these sites:

Patrick N1OCJ

James Benedict:
Not perfectly informed, but the first Sky Buddy is the 5-T, next S-19 and S-19R. The 5-T is a 1936 year having a 6A7 converter, 6F7 IF/BFO, 75 detector/AVC/AF i and a 42 audio output tube. The rectifier is a 80 tube. The S-19 is 'updated' with more modern tubes and the S-19R is 'revised' with a seperate BFO tube for a total of 6 tubes and bandspread tuning. The 5-T is neat looking with an 'airplane' dial- two types with one having the picture of a young ham in the background and the other not having the picture. The S-19 series look different than the 5-T. Any are viable projects and will work. I have a friend who has an extensive Hallicrafters collection which I go over any play with about any Hallicrafters radio ever made. Next to Dachus, he may have the largest collection in the world- mabby even larger than Dachus! Friend lives in Michigan.

William Ross:


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