Jumbo, High Current Banana plugs


darrell derrick:
I have an old Motorola Bench power supply, and I wanted to find replacements for the two banana plugs in the front, looked in a lot of places saw a lot of plugs but No 40 amp versions, they accept no 8 stranded wire, similar to the power cord from a GE master II mobile.
 as all ways thanks for the help.
Darrell In Magnolia Tx.

clark fishman:
try Superior Electic

Clark  WA2UNN

Alan Applegate:
They're actually Super Cons, if I remember correctly. And Superior is THE place.


Alan, KØBG

darrell derrick:
Thanks, looks like good quality stuff,
but, the things I was lookin for are just like plain old ever day banana plug, except Larger, may be 3/8 th inch dia. this is really old gear 1975 ? I have three of these
old things I use them on the bench with a filter, for later radios.


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