Microphone Turner Plus 3 Diagram Schematic

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Sérgio Eduardo M. de Freitas:
Dears, I'm looking for Schematic Diagram of amplifier circuit of the microphone Turner model Plus Three (+3). I have one, but no ampiflier and I would like to homebrew a amplifier similar of Plus Three model.
Thank you to read.

Eduardo - PY2VR

In looking in the review section of eham you might try to email VE7BGP as he has a good review on the turner plus 3 mic and might help you....Good Luck de KB9UMT Don

I have original spec sheet that came with mic when new back in 70's if  anyone needs it.  I  also have the Turner Super SideKick and want to determine which mic sounds best.  I am wiring them to Alinco DX-70T.  The SideKick has an adjustable pot on underside of mic base  which seems to not do much unless opened up almost all the way. Similar pattern on the topside gain pot.  I recall the +3 gain pot being kept at less than half most of the time and find the Sidekick to be totally different animal.  After using the Sidekick for awhile I am starting to lean toward the +3 as the better sounding mike.  When I  examine the circuit boards inside each  mic, the +3  pcb is more complex with many more parts and transistors. Anyone   ever been down this path before as far as comparing these two mics?  

Vallued colleagues my name is Gilberto Sanchez (YY1SBG), alive in venezuela and recently a good colleague and friend I me donate some things of radio, (for him in disuse), between which there was a Microphone Turner +3, lamentably very damaged, is the well-read one very good critiques of this one equipment and i am wanted to restore it, nevertheless for it I need the schematic one (electrical planes) of the same one. I wanted to know if yours can help me in this, since according i read in eHam.net you have the specifications of the same one. Me did You may send me this information or say to me wherefrom I can download it?


If you don't mind,I would like a copy of schematic for the turner +3 and or the super-side kick,Thanks,Hank,kc5zss in So . Texas


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